Message from President & CEO


To make dreams come true

 We do our best to help individuals achieve their career goals and maintain their life styles. The assistance is by way of our business as an employment agency and temporary staffing company. We believe that education, experience, self-analysis, and knowledge of society help job seekers achieve their goals. We provide advice and intensive support in the areas of education, career path planning, and career goal setting.

 For employers, we believe that hiring highly skilled employees who are knowledgeable, experienced and highly motivated makes companies more productive and efficient. When employees do their best and achieve their goals, the company achieves its goals also. We are constantly challenged to help make dreams come true for individuals and companies. We provide support as they strive to achieve these goals. Ying_Lu Yeh

This is why the first letter of the following words proclaims our name, Remac, Responsibility, Ethics, Motivation and Achievement and Challenge.