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Permanent and Contractual Employment

Individuals who successfully find work as permanent or contract employees will sign contracts with their employer companies. Permanent workers will follow company rules and regulations (written in Employee Handbooks, Employment Agreements, etc.) and receive medical insurance and other benefits according to the company policy. *For contract employees, the contract terms and conditions will be decided separately and they will work within those agreements. Medical and other benefits differ depending on the terms and conditions of the contracts or the companies.
*In the US, conditions differ from company to company.

Process from Registration to Job Entry

step1 Job Referral  

US Remac will inform you of job positions which match your career interests and qualifications.

step1 Introduction to a Company   step1 Setting Up Interview
US Remac presents your resume and information to a matching company.
Upon approval of company, an interview will be scheduled by a US Remac consultant.
  step1 Interviews
  US Remac consultant will give you advice about the interview. If you wish, US Remac will conduct a mock interview for the specific company.
step1 Job Offer and Terms
step1 Follow Up

US Remac will negotiate and coordinate with the company regarding your salary, benefits, starting date, etc. US Remac will receive an offer letter from its client and forward it to you for your signature of acceptance.

After the interview, a US Remac consultant will get feedback from its client company and inform you of the interview results.

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