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Remac Talent is the total registration database for the upwardly mobile, who want a specific work style or who are looking for jobs that fit their lifestyles. For those registered, US Remac will take into account the work style desired, such as permanent versus temporary, part-time, contractual positions, or internships. When applicants register, US Remac consultants will seriously consider their career goals and preferences, give advice and help them find a perfect match. There are of course, no registration fees or any other fees for helping them succeed in finding the job they are seeking.

Career Agents

US Remac provides total career support for individuals who know what they want in their career agent. We will listen to their short, mid and long-term career goals and give advice about how they can best achieve those goals. We show them how to write effective resumes, application forms, and cover letters, and conduct interview training so that the individuals can make their best impression. Also, working with immigration lawyers, we offer legal advice about what kinds of legal permits are required to work in the US, and we assist with other immigration issues as well.

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