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US Remac will provide comprehensive consultation for effective and efficient employment. There are hundreds of recruiting tools in the market today, such as websites, magazines, newspapers, employment agencies, and so on. We will give advice about the most effective recruiting tools. We will teach how to screen and select effectively and promptly, how to conduct tests and interviews. Over the years, US Remac has accumulated vast experience and knowledge on how to hire the most appropriate candidates. We can build hiring strategies for companies. We can also send someone from US Remac Personnel Department to provide support in the hiring process of selecting the right individual (Outsourcing for employment).


Personnel Consultation

US Remac helps companies hold down turnover, increase employee motivation, and enhance efficiency. US Remac even assists companies in building personnel systems. For Japanese companies in the US or American companies in Japan, we have expertise in building personnel systems and personnel management systems that take into account cultural and labor law differences and multi-national employees.