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About US Remac

The US Remac provides total personnel service for individuals looking for the right job opportunities, companies that require the right staff and executives and flexible workers looking for temporary jobs. The US Remac brings individuals and the companies together so meet their needs. Our clients are primarily companies that actively hire staff with experience in the US and Japan. These are companies that are aggressively pursuing and hiring former exchange students and candidates with experience working in Japan and the US. Our priority is to provide job opportunities to those who want to take on the challenge of working in the global community. We show them how they can maintain their lifestyles and still achieve their goals. And for companies that wish to expand their business in today’s fast changing world by hiring individuals with international experience, US Remac has many ways to help them find the right person. Employees will get the opportunity to utilize their American and Japanese knowledge and experience. (For Individuals Who Want To Achieve Their Career Goals) US Remac helps workers with global knowledge and broad international experience reach their career goals.
  • Make It Possible To Apply Knowledge And Experience Acquired In The U.S. And Japan (For Individuals Who Wish To Achieve Their Career Goals) With Remac's help, knowledge and experience in the U.S. and Japan become career assets.
  • Provide Various Job Opportunities (For Individuals Who Wish To Maintain Their Lifestyles)
    US Remac helps individuals find jobs that suit their lifestyles.
  • Globalization Of Personnel (For Companies Seeking Global Staff)
    US Remac helps companies meet their organizational goals by locating and providing staff with international backgrounds and professional skills.


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